Doctor Doom

General / 25 October 2020

I was playing with some Doom designs during a couple of live streams, you can check them out here

Thanks for watching! 

Among Us Impostor 🚨

General / 05 October 2020

Hey guys, started this quick idea while watching some Among Us gameplay, this game is too funny. 

Also posted a timelapse here in case it interests you.

X-Men Portraits 01

General / 05 July 2020

Hello all! I started to do some X-Men portraits studies on my free time, trying to keep elements from the classic costumes that I love. Fun stuff! Head over to my instagram for more.


BTAS 09 - Man-Bat

General / 25 March 2020

Day 09 on the series, make sure the check the previous posts

BTAS #08 - Clayface

General / 24 March 2020

Clayface sketch! More on my instagram. Be sure to check the other characters based on the Batman Animated Series

BTAS #07 - Joker

General / 22 March 2020

Another one for the poster. Still have a few more villains to do.

BTAS #06 - Penguin

General / 22 March 2020

2 for 1 today, I started working on this guy in between the other ones, so I finished him out together with Harley today. He is one of my favorite Batman characters.

BTAS #05 - Harley Quinn

General / 22 March 2020

5th character for this series, I'll share the final comp for the poster I'm working on soon. Make sure to check the other characters on the posts earlier this week and more behind the scenes on my instagram

BTAS #04 - Scarecrow

General / 20 March 2020

Day 04 - Scarecrow

To answer some of the questions, this was all made inside of ZBrush, rendered using arnold in 3dsmax than comp in photoshop.

More on my instagram

If you are interested in the process, check my tutorials


BTAS #03 - Killer Croc

General / 20 March 2020

Day 03 - Killer Croc

More at